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The Sacrifice of My Pride

My name is Martha Shafer and I volunteer on the weekends by leading a production team of about nine people at the Broadcast Campus of a seven-campus church. I serve twice a month for about two or three services in a weekend. In normal business hours I’m a middle school teacher. Those crazy hormonal lovable nuggets […]

Rejection is God’s Protection

Rejection is God’s Protection. I’ve heard my Senior Pastor say this phrase for years. But I never understood it for myself until recently. I’m new to this whole writing thing. So, when I was asked to write my first article for CTL - a site that I deeply respect - I timidly accepted the challenge. […]

Where Is Your Worship?

Everyone who has anything to do with church ministry world will say we hold this truth to be self-evident: Sunday is coming. Ok, Saturday for you Adventists out there. Regardless of your actual day of worship, the fact remains that there is an endless list of details, big and small, that needs addressing every week, and no one knows this more than a church tech team. Sunday is coming. Again. Rinse and repeat.

Changing My Perspective

We recently installed a wide-angle security camera above our stage looking out into the seating to help with monitoring and counting attendance. As I came into my office on Monday morning, I found a large-scale print out from the camera’s image on my desk. It was an empty room, no special lights on, just work light throughout the room.

this Christmas Season 2015 : Greg Holder

These next weeks leading up to Christmas will be tough for a lot of our church tech friends around the world. Many of us will be in planning meetings stacked on top of change-of-plan meetings, preparation, rehearsals, cues, surrounded by hours and hours of stress running without hours and hours of sleep. Read More

Greg Holder, Lead Pastor The Crossing Church, St Louis, MO