this Christmas Season 2015 : Whitney George

These next weeks leading up to Christmas will be tough for a lot of our church tech friends around the world. Many of us will be in planning meetings stacked on top of change-of-plan meetings, preparation, rehearsals, cues, surrounded by hours and hours of stress running without hours and hours of sleep. You and your team will be working harder and longer hours and be more focused now than any of the previous six months.

At the end you’ll probably also be more tired than you’d care to admit. And that can be a tough place to serve.

During this Christmas, we will be serving so many people that we won’t know this side of Heaven. We get to engage with Immanuel, this gift from God. Our prayer for you is that you can protect your heart this season, that you too can celebrate our God being with us. Our prayer is that you can be in the same moments that you have worked so hard to happen and be present to experience what God will do this Christmas.

We’ve asked some of our friends to share a little encouragement to you. Let these words remind you that we’re not crazy for doing what we do. Let these words soften your spirit when you’re neck-deep in misfiring cues and malfunctioning cables. May you be reminded that God is using you this Christmas to welcome His Son.

Merry Christmas!

Bill Swaringim
Church Technical Leaders

Whitney George, Church on the Move

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